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How To Take Great Underwater Pictures & Videos With Your iPhone

best iphone cases for underwater photo and video

A few years ago, when I got into scuba diving, I was especially excited about "Underwater Photographer Specialty Course".  But even before I enrolled into the course, I took my cheap waterproof camera on my scuba diving trip to The Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico.

Sady, after my first dive ( a bit more than 30 feet deep ! ), the camera got filled with water, and stopped working. If I had taken the course, I'd have known that taking great underwater pictures, and videos requires special camera and lighting equipment, and the knowledge of how light behaves underwater.

Nowadays, underwater photography has become cheaper and more accessible to the recreational divers, more and more divers are taking up the hobby of underwater photography.

But if you're not planning to become a professional underwater photographer, and just want to capture your epic underwater adventures, it's possible to take awesome underwater pictures, and videos with nothing but... your iPhone !

Even though the iPhone isn't waterproof, there are many specialized cases made specifically for "underwater iPhoneography", whether you want to use it for scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, rafting, fishing or just swimming in your secret swimming hole !

Below, we list 5 best iPhone cases for underwater photography :

Watershot PRO
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While technically a waterproof housing and not a case, the Watershot PRO completely covers and protecting your iPhone 6(s). It is very tight and secure, and extremely easy to use. Ranging in depth from 60' - 100', very easy to switch from single shot to video, and to playback immediately, and works great with apps like Watershed.

Catalyst Iphone 6S Waterproof Case
Cons : Depth rating- 16.4 feet

Pros : Not only does it protect against water damage, it also has a designer feel and a clear housing in order to maintain the natural look of the iPhone. Made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, rubber, silicone and water-tight sealant, it protects your phone in a sleek and stylish way. It's perfect for very shallow dives or snorkeling, and meets military standards for drops of up to 6.6 feet. 

3 -  Optrix Pro

Use it for iPhone 6/6s

  • Waterproof to 33FT (10M), IP68 rated
  • Drop tested and survived 20ft (6m)
  • Crush resistant unibody construction
  • 4 aluminum and glass interchangeable lenses (Normal 0˚ Lens, 165 Degree Wide Angle, Macro, Telephoto 2x Zoom)
  • Fully mountable
Rugged and waterproof, this iPhone case is a perfect companion for ExtraHyperActive folks looking for unforgettable adventures on land, and underwater !

With the Optrix Pro Kit, you get not only the case, but four high-quality, interchangeable lenses – a normal lens, a wide-angle 165 degree lens, a 2x telephoto lens, and a macro lens. You also get a protective lens case.

Depth rating: 33 feet

What it does: This waterproof and shockproof housing is best for shallow dives. The unit features full iPhone functionality, ShockWave audio seal, a Railslide mount system, shock-lock latches and interchangeable TrueLUX lenses. The housing includes a lanyard, lens cap and a free Vidometer app that enhances video capabilities before and after your dive.

If you're really looking for a device that does it all without an additional case that you need to strap on, takes incredible photographs in wet and dry environments, and makes mobile shooting effortless, then you should probably pick up the iPhone 7

The phone itself is water-resistant and can easily shoot photographs and videos underwater.

Cons : Keep in mind that the iPhone 7 have an IP67 rating, which means that they can be submerged in up to 1 meter (3 feet) of water for about 30 minutes. So don't go too deep and don't think it'll last all day in the pool.

Check out the video below of testing iPhone 7 without the case :

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