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How To Take Great Underwater Pictures & Videos With Your iPhone

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A few years ago, when I got into scuba diving, I was especially excited about "Underwater Photographer Specialty Course".  But even before I enrolled into the course, I took my cheap waterproof camera on my scuba diving trip to The Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico.

Sady, after my first dive ( a bit more than 30 feet deep ! ), the camera got filled with water, and stopped working. If I had taken the course, I'd have known that taking great underwater pictures, and videos requires special camera and lighting equipment, and the knowledge of how light behaves underwater.

Nowadays, underwater photography has become cheaper and more accessible to the recreational divers, more and more divers are taking up the hobby of underwater photography.

But if you're not planning to become a professional underwater photographer, and just want to capture your epic underwater adventures, it's possible to take awesome underwater pictures, and videos with nothing but... your iPhone !