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My Bucket List : 2017 Achievements & 2018 Goals

"What you GET by achieving your goals is not as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals" ~ Henry David Thoreau

Maybe I'm getting too old, by it seems like 2017 has flown by so fast I didn't have time to really notice it.

In 2016, I made a decision to spend more time on my businesses rather than on my adventures...
But the best part of running your own fitness & travel business is that you DON'T HAVE TO COMPROMISE ! 

As you might know, another one of my favorite quotes is : "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life" ~ Confucius 

And that's exactly how 2017 was ! I didn't work a single day !

We started 2017 with a bang at Seattle Center watching fireworks, and enjoying a New Year miracle when after the fireworks show, suddenly the snow started falling... 

The winter of 2017 we spent skiing, snowboarding, fat biking, playing in the snow while promoting our brand, and other winter related brands :

At the end of the winter we checked "Visit British Columbia" off our Bucket List !
I finally got to try dog sledding ( I set that goal in 2010 !! ), and my son went zip lining for the first time !

I've been planning to add "Target shooting/firearms/accessories" to my new marketing niches, and even though I didn't get to start a new project, we learned a lot by spending more time at a shooting range...

But as always, the busiest time for us was summer ! We did a lot of stuff, and went on a ton of adventures !

We went parasailing, and ziplining at Lake Chelan ( crossed that off our Bucket List ! )

We went surfing, kiting, and paddling at the Longest Beach In The World !

We became tourists in our own state, and went to discover the history, and culture at Tillicum Village ( another Bucket List adventure checked ! )

We didn't get to try freediving/spearfishing, but we got new gear to try, promote, and make money !

Best snorkeling full face mask

Washington state is a home for 3 incredible national parks: Mount Rainier National Park, North Cascades National Park and Olympic National Park, and we finally got a chance to explore all of them !

This summer we spent incredible 5 days at North Cascade National Park, and got to try backcountry camping !

But our biggest joy this year was adding another member to our ExtraHyperActive family - our dog Coco !
She's truly ExtraHyperActive ! She loves working out, traveling, biking, hiking, and paddling !

As for my 2017 business achievements :

We added kite buggying to our "Seattle Kite, Surf, Paddle" business...

But more important, I realised that business was VERY seasonal, and NOT that profitable. 
Plus, I've figured, I enjoy having great time more than teaching lessons, and making money, so I'm planning to cut down on my time in my "offline business", and to dedicate more time to building niche related sites like "Land Paddling USA" to create passive income.

The same goes for my "ExtraHyperActive Fitness" business... 
I got rid of all of my private and group clients to focus more on myself, and on building a passive income with my online accountability program.

ExtraHyperActive Fitness is a very special and personal project for me, and that's why, next year,  I'm planning to get involved in a charity helping people improve their physical and mental health.

As for my "ExtarHyperActive Network" project... it was quite a ... disaster 

I lost more than $2K in Facebook ads, and merchandises by giving away our products for free to all those "wannabe influencers", "swaggers", and straight up stupid and lazy people.
On the plus side, I've learned a lot about building a brand, and being an employer ( first year when I got to hire PT employees, and long-term freelancers ! ) 

So, what do I have planned for 2018 ?!

As for adventure travel, I still have a long list of things to cross off my Bucket List !

2017 was quite a dangerous year ( if you follow politics/economics )... there was more talk about a possibility of WWIII...

So, in 2018 I plan to learn more about firearms (training), fishing, hunting, sailing, and "off-grid living".

In business, I want to focus more on creating more passive income streams by learning about cryptocurrency, micro investing, "off-grid rental options" ( RV and "tiny houses" ), and medical cannabis/CBD oils...

But our main mission remains the same :

Help people live a happy, healthy, and adventurous lifestyle !

So, if you're still on the fence whether YOU can turn your healthy, and adventurous lifestyle into a business, I believe 2018 will be a great year to make our dreams come true !!
Maybe not all of them... maybe not all right away, but together we'll make it happen...

If you still haven't joined our tribe, ( or maybe you know somebody who shares the same passion for living a healthy, and adventurous lifestyle ? ), here is your chance !

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