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Become Adidas Brand Ambassador, and Make Money Promoting Their Products

Combine your passion for fitness, sports, and the great outdoors with your brand loyalty to Adidas, and make money as Adidas brand ambassador !

adidas brand ambassador

Adidas is known for being one of the most famous athletic/sportswear brands in the world. But not many people realize that it's also trying to become the next outdoor brand competing with such popular ones as Solomon, North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, and REI.

In 2011 Adidas purchased the famous high-end rock climbing brand Five Ten, and made it a part of Adidas Outdoor.

So if you a fan of Adidas, if you love fitness, and outdoor activities that Adidas is trying to specialize in, then you can become an adidas brand ambassador, and make money promoting their products !!


Adidas is known to sponsor mainly professional ( or, at least, amateur ) competitive athletes, or celebrities ( like Kanye West, and Kendall Jenner ).

On the plus side, Adidas offers anybody to make some extra money by becoming their affiliate.

As I've just mentioned, Adidas is a well-established sports & fitness brand, but it's also trying to appeal to the outdoor crowd. 

That's why Adidas has 2 affiliate programs :

adidas.com - which is mainly for athletes 
adidasoutdoor.com - for outdoorsmen 


Adidas DOESN'T HAVE its own affiliate program... Instead, they use 2 dedicated affiliate platforms : Impact Radius and AvantLink.

Both of those programs are not easy to get into if you're new to affiliate marketing, and/or your website/blog doesn't have high quality traffic.

Good news is... anybody with a blog/website/social media profile can join Amazon affiliate or Amazon influencer programs, and promote Adidas products through Amazon !

Make 3% commission promoting Adidas through Amazon affiliate/influencer program

Learn more about my personal experience being sponsored by Adidas, as well as Adidas affiliate programs in the video below :

As I mentioned in the video, the best ( and most profitable ! ) way to succeed as an Adidas affiliate, is by combining your passion for fitness, and sports that Adidas specializes in.

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To make money as Adidas ailliate, passion alone is not enough...

You need to know at least the basics of business, and marketing, and you need to have your own personal brand.

In my book "Start Your Own Online Fitness And Adventure Travel Business", I talk more about how YOU can combine your passion for fitness & travel, and turn it into a profitable business. 

P.S. : I don't believe in being a brand slave, that's why, in my book I cover other ways to make money than just being a brand ambassador/affiliate marketer. 

New to online/affiliate/influencer marketing ? 

Want to make money while you're still learning ?

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