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Best Cheap Hoverboards Review Under $200 in 2019

If you're looking for the best hoverboards under $200 in 2019, then look no further !
In this post, we're sharing our best picks that will meet your budget, and your needs.

Best Cheap Hoverboards Review Under $200 in 2019

Even though in 2019, the interest in hoverboards started to fade away, they are still a lot of fun to play with, and could even be useful for a few household tasks ( like getting your mail, or taking your dog for a walk 😄 ).

But one thing for sure - over the least few years the price for hoverboards went down, while the number of brands, and the quality of products have increased comparing with early years of first hoverboards on the market.

Still, when you're shopping for cheap hoverboards under $300, $200, $150... be realistic !
The components, balance and speeds on the cheaper models may not be as top-notch as their more expensive counterparts.

Also, one of the most important features to look for are weight capacity of a rider, as well as distance and riding time !

Personally, we were not looking for anything extreme, or/and expensive. 
Our main search criteria was the price - any hoverboard brand under $200.

That's why we decided to go with Swagtron Twist ( only $149.99 ! )

Swagtron Swagboard Twist
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Beside being cheap, it was quite user friendly ( in terms of figuring out how to charge it, turn it on, and start riding ).

Durable - ( certified strength and resistance )- the Twist is crafted with strong ABS polymer that fulfill UL2272 standards to protect against drops, crashes, and overheating. 

Weather resistant - a patented lithium-free SentryShield Quantum multilayer battery protection ensures effective power distribution and security throughout every adventure you embark on.

Light to carry around ( only 23lbs ) - so you can effortlessly transport or stow away your hoverboard inside car trunks to take on road trips, family outings, and weekend rendezvous.

Maximum rider's weight - riders up to 200 pounds can glide over minimal cracks and pebbles along the road and earn up to 4.8 mi/ 7.7 km of adventure.

Riding time & speed - (depending on terrain, rider's weight, and speed) - Swagtron Twist can go for about ~ 20 min/less than a mile on a single charge.

In conclusion - if you're looking for great quality hoverboars under $200, Swagtron brand is definitely leading the way !

We tried both - Swagtron Twist, and their $199.99 model - Swagtron Vibe, and both met our expectations ! 

For other brands that sell their hoverboards under $200 check out our picks below :

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