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What's Your "Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Car" ?

Adventure ca
My Subaru Forester is my life ! It's my "Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Car", my home away from home, my business essential !

best subaru for adventure
best subaru for adventure
best subaru for adventure
best subaru for adventure
But recently, I've been thinking about upgrading to either a bigger car ( most likely a truck ) or even a camper.

One of my "Bucket List Adventures" for this summer is to spend a couple months "living off the grid", traveling around, exploring new places, going on more adventures and just enjoying my life.

But for that I need a car that I can feel comfortable living in for longer periods of time, and where I can store all ( or at least most ) of my gear.

I've been fascinated by the idea of living "RV Life", but as far as I know it's not cheap, and pretty high maintenance. So, before buying, may be first I should just rent one, and see for myself what "full-time RV-ing" is all about.

Meanwhile, I started a niche site dedicated to best rooftop tents, overlanding, 4x4ing, car camping and off-grid living - "Best Roof Top Tents USA"

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