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30 Oahu Outdoor Activities & Adventures To Add To Your Bucket List

If you love adventure travel, if you're very active ( or maybe even #ExtraHyperActive πŸ˜‰ ), I'm sure you want to do and to see as much as possible while visiting Oahu !

Hawaii's third-largest island, Oahu, offers plenty of outdoor activities and adventures !

Oahu adventures and outdoor activities with ExtraHyperActive

But because there is so much information online about things to do and to see on Oahu, it can be quite frustrating to build your trip itinerary ( especially if you have only a few days to visit the island ! ).

In the blog post below I share ONLY outdoor activities, and adventures you should add to your Oahu Bucket List !

I spent almost a month planning our trip, and I really hope this information will help YOU save time, and money to build your perfect adventure getaway on Oahu :

1 - Camping

Beach camping on Oahu

Camping is not only the cheapest way to save money on your Oahu trip, but it's also very convenient, and adventurous !

While there are many camping options on Oahu, personally, I can tell that you can camp pretty much ANYWHERE right on the beach ( sleep in your car, pitch a tent, or just hang up a hammock !! ).

North Shore, Kahana Valley State Park, Kea'au Beach Park are great options for both primitive, and designated camping on Oahu.

TIP :  Unfortunately, Oahu is also a paradise for all types of junkies, and has one of the worst homelessness problems in the US 😱😞 ( not to mention quite aggressive locals "protecting their turf" ). So be very careful where you park your car ( the island also has an epidemic of car break-ins... it's so bad that local rentals companies doesn't even offer insurance against this type of the crime ). 

2 - Hiking

TIP : No matter where you go hiking on Oahu, the view from the top... will be the same πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Oahu hiking views

While there are plenty of hiking opportunities on Oahu, after a lot of researching, and from my personal experience, I would recommend only these 5 hikes :

Diamond Head Crater Hike - is pretty much absolutely a "must" for anybody visiting Oahu ( even if you're not an avid hiker ).

Dimond Head Hike

The hike ( more like a walk ) is extremely easy on a paved trail, and quite fun ( you get to go through tunnel at the top ! ). And the 360 view from the top is breathtaking !

The park is very close to Waikiki, and can be accessible by bus, or even a bike ride from Waikiki !
The best part ? A small "shopping area" where you can purchase great truck food ( freshly grilled hot dogs/hamburgers ), refreshments, and our favorites - shave ice, Dole pineapple whip, and pineapple smoothie ! 

Cost - $5 per car ( cash only )

TIP : Diamond Head Crater hike is EXTREMELY popular/touristy, so, either arrive early in the morning, or before 4:30 pm

Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trailhead - is another very accessible hike/walk that anybody can do !

Conveniently located right off HWY 72, this hike offers great views ! 
Downside ? The views will be pretty much what you'd see on Diamond Head Crater hike ( so, you an choose between these two )

Cost - FREE ( but parking lot gets full, especially on weekends when the weather is nice )

TIP : Most people go to the observation deck at the top of the hike, BUT... the real trail to the lighthouse is underneath the "main trail", and looks quite "adventurous", so not many people dare to take that trail.

Another option is to hike to the top of the pillbox to the left of the main trail to avoid all the crowds, and to have all the views to yourself !!

Koko Crater Railway Trailhead -  is a very "unusual"/"adventurous" hiking trail !

"Steep hike up an abandoned railroad track on Koko Crater, with dramatic ocean & city views."

Koko Crater Hiking Trail

Great hike if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, and a great workout !
Downside ? Same views 😰

Looking for more exciting, and challenging hikes on Oahu ?

Pu'u Manamana Hike will take you straight up the front of the mountain and along the top ridge. It has the reputation for being one of the most dangerous hikes on Oahu, and has claimed many lives.

Pu'u Manamana hiking trail

It took us just over five hours to complete this four mile hike. This hike is not easy. The start is a steep bun-burning incline, the ridge up top is heavily vegetated and overgrown and you come down the mountain on one of the craziest looking trails I’ve hiked on.

Rewards : ( same ) beautiful views of the ocean PLUS amazing views of Kahana Valley !

Looking to combine your passion for hiking, exploration, and local history and culture ?

Then hike to the The Kaniakapupu Ruins !

Hiking to The Kaniakapupu Ruins

KaniakapΕ«pΕ« ("the singing of the land shells"), known formerly as Luakaha ("place of relaxation"), is the ruins of the former summer palace of King Kamehameha III and Queen Kalama.

It's a short hike, BUT hard to find, and due to a few vandalism accidents might be off limits 😑

Want to go hiking, learn about local history/culture, AND swim in a waterfall ?

Then head out to North Shore's Waimea Valley !

Hiking to Waimea Valley Falls

"Waimea Valley is an area of historic cultural significance on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The valley, being an important place in Hawaiian religion, includes several historical structures including stone terraces and walls constructed during the time of the Hawaiian monarchy."

Waimea Falls Park is ranked among some of the best Oahu hikes. It is more like a pleasurable one mile stroll through lush botanical gardens that lead up to the grand waterfall.

TIP : Avoid going hiking on Waimea Falls trail if it rains, or had rained the day before ! After the rain, many hiking trails on Oahu becomes muddy, and hard to walk on ! PLUS, because of the rain, waterfalls could be closed to swimmers !

If you're planning to go hiking a lot, I recommend bringing the shoes you won't regret throwing away ! Or buy cheap swimming shoes that you could use for both hiking, and snorkeling...

Final tip on hiking on Oahu : there are many pillboxes (  a type of blockhouse, or concrete dug-in guard post, normally equipped with loopholes through which to fire weapons ) around the island that are easy to reach, and provide the same amazing views as the hikes mentioned above.

Just Google "pillbox hikes Oahu' to find the one near you...

3 - Biking

Biking Oahu

Before visiting Oahu, I believed the island would be quite bike friendly πŸ˜• 
Unfortunately, unless you're an experienced road cyclist, the only place to safely bike on the island is around Waikiki...

Your best option would be BIKI - Honolulu’s bike sharing program that allows to rent/borrow a bike from 130 locations around Waikiki/Honolulu downtown

It's very convenient, and quite affordable !

Biking is a great way to see so many things around Waikiki, and Honolulu downtown !

TIP : the main disadvantage of BIKI bikes is that you can't really leave the bike unless it's docked at a station... You don't get a lock with the bike with your rental, and as I mentioned above, crime rate is quite high on the island, and bikes get stolen often ! If your bike gets stolen, you'll be solely responsible for that ( BWT, your credit card gets charged $50 per bike for "security deposit" ).

The big advantage - once your credit card is "on file", you can rent a bike ANY time of the day during your trip !

Looking for more fun on two wheels ? Go mountain biking on Oahu !

Ride down professionally developed mountain-bike trails through jungle vegetation and past secluded beaches during this full-day adventure with North Shore Explorers !
"Located at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s fabled North Shore, the North Shore Bike Park offers exciting activities for friends, families, couples or the solo adventure seeker. Feel the exhilarating rush as you flow down our professionally developed mountain bike trails. Twist and turn through the lush jungle vegetation while your guide, an experienced local mountain biker, shares interesting facts about local geography and history. Gigantic banyan trees, secluded beaches, and much more await your discovery! Open from 7am to 5pm daily"
Another option  - electric mountain bike guided adventure tours at the famous Kualoa Ranch !
"Jurassic Park E-Bike Tour is a great way to experience Kualoa Ranch’s most popular landmarks from a unique and eco-friendly vantage point. You will explore the picturesque “Jurassic Valley” with an electric assisted motor mountain bike (with 4 inch wide tires), and your guide will take you on a leisurely 90 minute adventure starting from the Visitor Center and into the valleys. As you awaken your senses with the breathtaking nature of the island, trek off the beaten path for a behind-the-scenes experience of the 4000 acre Private Nature Reserve’s natural beauty. Experience the movie sites from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, Kong Skull Island, Godzilla, 50 First Dates, LOST, Hawaii Five-0 and more throughout the valley!"
For more bike adventures, check out bikehawaii.com where you can combine your passion for biking with other popular Oahu adventures !

Love biking, but hate the heat ? Then rent an Aqua Bike !

Aqua bike/trike rentals at Waikiki

There are many rental places around Waikiki where you can rent an aqua bike/trike.

TIP : it was our first time renting an aqua bike, and honestly, it was kinda boring πŸ˜“ Big, bulky, and slow to paddle, the aqua bike was only fun for my son to dive from ( as there are no cool places for cliff jumping around Waikiki ).

4 - Surfing

ExtraHyperActive surfing at Waikiki

If you visited Oahu, and didn't go surfing, you pretty much wasted your time on vacation !

Oahu's Waikiki Beach is the birthplace of surfing, and a must to visit ... even if you've never tried surfing before !

The waves at Waikiki Beach are quite mellow ( 1'-2' feet high... especially in the summer ), the beach is mostly waist/neck deep, and there are plenty of rentals along the beach ! Which makes it perfect for brand new beginners to try surfing ! Almost every rental place along Waikiki Beach also offers surf lessons ( and there are many "locals" who're willing to teach you a lesson for as low as $10... or a "six pack" πŸ˜‰ ).

Are you an experienced surfer ? Then I don't need to tell you that Oahu's North Shore is the place for you to go !

Surfing on Oahu's North Shore

Looking for something more exciting ?

Try river surfing at the famous Waimea Beach !

Periodically, during the rainy winter season on Oahu’s north shore, the river that runs through Waimea Valley floods, sending a heavy flow of water out into the sea.

This phenomenon only happens a few times a year, when the river’s really gushing, leading surfers to ride the chocolate-colored river wave for days at a time. Oftentimes, they’ll have to dig out the sand near the river mouth to create the wave, but nonetheless, they’re having fun doing it !

Watch the video here...

Ever tried foil surfing ?

If you are thinking about learning how to foil, you are in for a wild ride ! You will feel like a total kook again and like a little grom catching the first waves. Before you jump in, inform yourself as much as possible and learn from someone that already went through the hard lessons.

There are only a couple companies that teach foil surfing on Oahu... feel free to send us an email for recommendations.

5 - Paddleboarding/SUP Surfing

Just like with surfing, Waikiki Beach is a perfect location to try stand up paddleboarding, or even SUP surfing ! 

As I've mentioned above, the waves at Waikiki beach are relatively small which makes it perfect to catch your first wave on a paddleboard !! And just like with surfboards, you can rent a SUP pretty much at any rental location... anywhere on the island !

Are you an experienced paddler who's looking for amazing SUP/paddleboarding adventures on Oahu ?

Rent a paddle board, and go on a paddling adventures to Mokulua Islands State Seabird Sanctuary, Mokolii ( also known among locals as Chinaman’s Hat ), or Kaneohe Sandbar !

Kayking/paddleboarding to Mokolii

6 - Boogie boarding 

If you still don't feel comfortable learning how to surf/SUP, at least give boogie boarding a try !
It's so easy, ANYBODY can do it !

TIP :  As I've mentioned above, surfing Waikiki Beach is quite mellow which makes boogie boarding less fun 😰 Your best bet for decent boogie boarding would be North Shore, or Oahu's west side ( Electric Beach/Nānākuli Beach Park ).

TIP : If you really love boogie boarding, I highly recommend investing in an inflatable boogie board ! It's easy to transport, a lot of fun, and will save you a lot of money over time !

7 - Kiteboarding/Windsurfing

Windsurfing Oahu

"Oahu is NOT Maui !" - I was warned... That's why kiteboarding/windsurfing options here are quite limited, and will depend on location ( mostly Oahu's east side/Kailua Beach Park ), and weather

Kailua Bay is the best kiteboarding/windsurfing beach on Oahu Island. It is a north facing bay on the southeast side of the island. The trade winds blow year round and can range from 15-35 knots coming from the ENE. This direction is a perfect side-onshore wind safe for kitesurfing/windsurfing. 

The Bay offers riding conditions for everyone including flatwater, waves and chop.

There are several businesses that offer kiteboarding/windsurfing lessons at Kailua Bay.
Contact us for our recommendations...

8 - Skimboarding 

Skimboarding Oahu

Skimboarding is another popular beach board sport that can be enjoyed by both kids, and adults !

The best thing about skimboarding on Oahu is that you can do do both flatland/inland skimboarding, as well as wave riding skimboarding.

The waves at many North Shore beaches break close to the shore which makes it perfect to ride them ( if you know how to do it ! ).

Otherwise, flatland skimboarding on one of many sandy beaches on Oahu ( such as Sandy Beach ) is a great way to have some fun while getting a great (cardio ) workout !

9 - Snorkeling

While you can go snorkeling pretty much anywhere on Oahu, if you're really determined to see marine life, here are your best options for snorkeling on Oahu :

Waikiki Wall - extending out into the ocean, this boardwalk is a popular spot for swimming, surfing/boogie boarding, and snorkeling ! You can see plenty of fish in the shallow water underneath right from the pier ! Great place for kids to  have fun !

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve - is probably the MOST popular snorkeling spot on Oahu ! In fact, it's so popular, it's pretty much impossible to find decent parking...

TIP : come as early as 8am ( the bay is open at 6am if you really want to be the first ! ), or at around 3pm ( they start closing the beach at 5:10pm sharp ! )

Shark's Cove at North Shore - is a great place to go snorkeling while visiting North Shore ( otherwise, it's not really worth the drive just for snorkeling ).

Electric Beach on Oahu's west side is probably your BEST bet to go snorkeling with turtles, and to see abundance of fish for FREE ! 

Absolutely BEST snorkeling option on Oahu ?

Best snorkeling spots on Oahu

I hate to admit it, but your best bet to see plenty of colorful fish, turtles, octopus, stingray, and even dolphins is by going on a guided trip !
Those guys will often take you offshore on a boat, and they really know all the best spots for snorkeling on Oahu !

TIP : to save money on snorkeling, I recommend bringing your own gear from home... or go to Walmart in downtown Honolulu to buy a cheap snorkeling set.

10 - Scuba Diving ( no certificate required ! )


Trust me on this - if you go scuba diving on Oahu, snorkeling will feel really lame after that !

Best part ? Discover scuba diving lessons/trips on Oahu doesn't require you to be a certified diver !
ANYBODY as young as 10, in good physical shape can try scuba diving !

TIP : for best prices, check out Groupon offers... BUT... make sure the company you decide to go with offer boat diving ( oppose to "shore diving" ) as you'll have more fun, and will see more marine life !

TIP : after your dive you'll still have plenty of time to go snorkeling ! That's why discover scuba is such a great option ! You'll get to try scuba diving AND snorkeling at an amazing place for one low price !!

11 - Ride an underwater scooter

Underwater scooter tours on Oahu

"Embark on a one-of-kind aquatic adventure with an underwater scooter ride in Oahu's calm Maunalua Bay. These scooters will allow you to descend to a depth of 10 feet (3 meters) and view colorful fish, coral and even green sea turtles that fill the island's waters while effortlessly riding on your very own self-propelled, eco-friendly electric scooter. No experience or extensive training required, just hop on the scooter, stick your head in the bubble, and dart around the underwater environment! The crystal clear waters offer some of the best swimming and views of ocean's aquatic paradise!"

My son was 10 when he first tried it, and even for him it was kinda lame πŸ‘Ž It's one of those things that you should do once, and maybe just once. 

But if you've never tried scuba diving before, riding an underwater scooter could be a great experience ! Plus, as I've mentioned above, with a tour company you'll have more chances to see.. more !

12 - Learn freediving

Learn freediving on Oahu

If snorkeling is too lame for you, and scuba diving is too expensive, then your only option to enjoy underwater world on your own terms is by diving freely ( or freediving πŸ˜› ).
"Freediving is about inward power, discipline, and control. If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you. Taking the SSI Level I Freediving course in Oahu is your first step toward discovering why freediving is becoming a popular way to explore beneath the waves."
This 3 day course is suitable for anybody age 12 and up, who's a good swimmer, and in good physical shape.

Contact us for more information about freediving on Oahu 

13 - Kayaking

Just like renting a surfboard/paddleboard, there are plenty of rentals options on Oahu to rent a kayak !

But if you're just like me, kayaking along the beach might be boring for you ! That's why, for best kayaking adventures, I'd recommend to rent and explore the above mentioned islands (  Mokulua Islands State Seabird Sanctuary, Mokolii, also known among locals as Chinaman’s Hat, or Kaneohe Sandbar ).

Kayaking Oahu

TIP : You can also find a local outfitter who can take you on a guided kayak tours to those islands. The main reason for going with a tour company is that there are no "on the beach" kayak rentals nearby, and, otherwise, you'd have to rent a kayak, and to transport it on your car. 
Also, if you're not an experienced kayaker who's not familiar with paddling techniques, tides, currents... it could be challenging to kayak to those islands.

Search Groupon for great deals on guided kayaking tours, and rentals on Oahu !

14 - Wakeboarding

There is only a couple companies that offers wakeboarding on Oahu.

Hawaii Water Sports Center offers professional instructors who make wakeboarding fun and easy to learn for all, no matter what your skill level is. Participants must be 12 years or older, and first time riders must pay a $10 lesson fee for hands on instruction on the water to ensure safety.

15 - Jet Ski riding

You're on an island ! What could be a better way to have fun on the water than going jet skiing ?!

TIP : unlike other popular beach destinations ( like Miami ), on Oahu, you can't really rent a jet ski on the beach, and "go explore on your own" 😰 Most likely, you'll be riding under a strict supervision of a jet ski instructor ...in a designated area... for a very limited time ( about 30-45 min ).

16 - Parasailing

Just like with most beach destinations, parasailing on Oahu is extremely popular "tourist activity".
And if you've done it before, personally, I'd recommend to skip it... Why ? Because the view from the top will be the same as what you can otherwise see for free from a top of any pillbox/hikes mentioned above πŸ˜€

But if you've never done parasailing before, definitely give it a try ! Gliding through air above the water with amazing views all around you is truly a great life experience !


Love adventures, and can't get enough ? Want to save money doing as much as possible while paying as little as possible ?

Find local deals, and discounts in travel brochures at your hotel, or on the streets of Waikiki.

We did jet skiing, wakeboarding, and parasailing for just $99 per person ! 

17 - ATV/UTV-ing

If jet skiing doesn't satisfy your "need for speed" ( or sounds boring doing it under the supervision ), you can go on an ATV/UTV tour at the famous Kualoa Ranch ( mentioned before ⇈ ).

Granted, it's also very touristy, and not a whole lot of adrenaline rush, but at least you'll get to see all those cool places where a bunch of famous movies were shot πŸ˜€

TIP : the main difference between ATV and UTV tours is that you'll get to drive your own ATV ( must be at least 16 years old ! ).

Another option is to combine the thrill of ATV riding and snorkeling during the full-day 7-hour Aloha ATV Snorkeling Tour !
"ATV Dune Buggy Adventure: guests ages 12 and up—18 or older if they want to drive—cruise through the jungle on an off-road ATV course. There they can enjoy the feeling of fast acceleration as they get dirty conquering the technical off-road course on a side by side dune buggy. After getting dirty during the drive, guests can freshen up in the ocean at the next stop."

18 - Go on a guided ( or self-guided ) Segway tour

Not a fan of walking or biking ? Don't mind looking like a dork/total tourist ? Then hope on a segway to explore Waikiki or/and Honolulu !

But, honestly though, those all-terrain segways look pretty bad-ass !

Among our recommended segway tours on Oahu are :  Honolulu History & Cultural tour, Kaka'Ako Waterfront & Art Mural tour, and ( best for couples ! ) - sunset beach rides !

19 - Explore Oahu on a Harley !

Harley Davidson motorcycle rentals on Oahu

There’s no better way to experience Hawaii than an open-air ride on a Harley-Davidson.
With 6 different Motorcycle rental locations and a wide selection of premium Harley-Davidson® bikes, Hawaii thrill-seekers can always find a ride at Cycle City Hawaii.
Check out cyclecityltd.com for more info

20 - Horseback riding

Horseback riding Oahu

There are many horseback riding options on Oahu from the above mentioned Kualoa Ranch to beautiful romantic rides on a beach !

And if that is too lame/boring, learn how to ride a horse while playing polo !!
"Learn to play the 'sport of kings' on the famous North Shore! No previous riding experience necessary! You will be riding real working polo ponies who will take very good care of you."

21 - Skydiving

Skydiving is probably one of those "Bucket List Adventures" that you do at least once... and maybe just once πŸ˜ƒ

I went skydiving in Seattle once, but there is a reason "The World's Most Beautiful
Skydiving Center" is found at Dillingham Airfield on Oahu's North Shore !

The view of the North Shore of Oahu, in Hawaii, is already unbelievable. Can you imagine seeing it from 10.000 to 14.000 ft up ?!

You can have this great view while sky diving in Oahu. It is all about adrenaline, and once-in-a-lifetime experience !

22 - Fly aboard open-door helicopter

If jumping out of a perfectly fine plane/helicopter is not your cup of tea, if you prefer to say in while flying above beautiful Oahu, while still getting high on adrenaline, then go fly aboard an open-door helicopter over Oahu for unobstructed views of the island !
"Feel the high-flying wind in your hair and, with your camera out and ready to snap stunning photos, listen as your pilot narrates your flight over sights like Pearl Harbor, Honolulu Harbor, Hanauma Bay and the Halona Blowhole. This excursion includes a DVD of the flight and round-trip transportation from selected hotels."

23 - Fly/glide above Oahu in a glider

Flying in a helicopter is not thrilling enough for you ? Then go fly in a plane... without an engine !
"A glider or sailplane is a type of unpowered aircraft that uses naturally occurring currents of rising air in the atmosphere to remain airborne. Gliders can be launched by auto tow (being towed by a car or ground-vehicle), or by winch, but airplanes are much more efficient. 
See the island, in a sleek high-performance aircraft, soaring the skies over northwest Oahu. Panoramic vistas unfold as your pilot guides you in this bubble-topped aircraft; on the wings of the wind with sights and sensations never experienced before."
If that sounds like fun, Google "Honolulu Soaring" to book your flight !

24 - Fly in an authentic WWII warplane

Pearl Harbor Warbirds
Photo credit - Admiral’s Warbird Adventure

You've got to be a serious history buff/pane enthusiast or have spare $800-$1500 to burn if you want to fly in the U.S. Navy SNJ-5C – an authentic World War II aircraft !

But if visiting Pear Harbor is on your Bucket List, there is no cooler way to do so than in a kick-ass warbird ! 

What you'll get :
  • Approximately 45-50 minutes of flight time in the U.S. Navy SNJ-5C – an authentic World War II aircraft
  • Historic overview of Pearl Harbor in custom WWII environment
  • Fully narrated tour with aerial views of Pearl Harbor, Oahu Coasts and Wheeler, Kaneohe and Bellows airfields
  • Fly the same routes Japanese pilots used in their attack

25 - Flyboarding/Jet Pack Flying

Flyboarding and Jet Pack flying on Oahu

If skydiving is too extreme, and helicopter flying ( even with an open door ! ) is too lame ( or too expensive ), you can choose to fly like a bird ( or like a super hero ! ) above water on a flyboard, or wearing a jet pack !!

Despite of how "extreme" flyboaring might look, it's actually very safe, and a lot of fun !
My son was 11 when he first tried flyboarding, and it took hime less than 20 min to feel more or less comfortable !

If flyboarding requires some time to learn ( even if you're a decent board rider ! ), then jet pack flying is a lame version of flyboarding, and requires literally no skills ( most first-time pilots are flying in 5-10 minutes with their throttle controlled by an instructor ).

26 - Ziplining

Ziplinig ( just like parasailing ) is probably the lamest way to "fly through the air" πŸ˜‚ This "outdoor activity" requires zero effort from your part, and can be quite "sociable" ( if you're into "meeting new people while trying to get away from all that" ) ... BUT..

Personally, I've found ziplining to be a great way to explore a new place, and to learn something new !

And while I consider ziplinig by itself still lame, ziplining on Oahu offers breathtaking views, and an opportunity to learn about fascinating history/culture of the island !

There are several options to go ziplining on Oahu, and I'll leave it up to you which one to pick !

27 - Swimming with dolphins/scuba diving with sharks/animal encounter

For my 11 year old son, swimming with dolphins at Sea Life Park on Oahu was the highlight of his trip !

The experience is not cheap ( about $250 per person ), but I believe it's truly one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunities worth adding to your Bucket List !

Personally, I found out about Sea Life Park by chance ( mindlessly browsing Google maps 😊 ), and was absolutely blown away by all those amazing adventures they offer !!

Besides swimming with dolphins, you can go swimming with sea lions, sting rays, and even scuba diving with sharks !!

Even though it's called "sea life park", one of my son's favorite things to do was hanging out inside an aviary ( basically, it's a big cage where the birds can fly freely ).

The aviary is a fully-interactive experience where visitors can feed the birds using provided popsicle stick covered in birdseed. The birds are extremely friendly, and will often land on your head/shoulders !

TIP : Sea Life Park Hawaii is located in picturesque Waimānalo, and very close to many sights, and destinations ( like MakapuΚ»u Point mentioned above ).

It's a great place to plan several adventures ( that can be enjoyed by kids and adults ) in one day !

28 - Go hunting on Oahu !

Personally, I've never thought of Hawaii as a place to go hunting until a came across "

traditional wild boar dog & knife hunting" ( 

The Hawaiian pig-hunting method uses dogs, and knives. The dogs chase the pig; you chase the dogs. The dogs pin down the pig, which you finish off with the knife ).

If you prefer something more "civil", you can opt in for bow/rifle hunting for axis deer, Hawaiian wild boar and goats, as well as bird hunting.

Not ready to kill just yet ? Take a 3-hour lesson. Class would include: what's in your back pack, what type of gear, clothing, tracking, understanding patterns, spotting, setting up tree stands, ground blinds, Setting up trail cams, snares and other techniques used to create a successful Hawaiian hog hunt.

29 - Go fishing ( and cook your catch ! )

Fishing Farms Hawaii managed by Ali'i Agriculture Farms, located in Central Ohau it provides an opportunity to make life time memories. We offer recreational fishing services that is fun for all ages! We have three ponds stocked with healthy tilapia, catfish and grass-carp that we rotate so that each pond does not become overfished. We also have one pond available for prawn fishing. On the weekends we have a fishing truck that provides a cooking and cleaning service for the fish you catch for an extra fee, or you can buy the fish you've caught and take it home!

30 - Ride abroad Atlantis submarine 

Atlantis Submarine Adventures
Photo credit - Atlantis Adventures

"Take the adventure of a lifetime as you climb aboard one of our Atlantis 48-passenger submarines and descend to 100 feet beneath the surface of the ocean. Watch the drama of nature unfold as we bring you up close and personal to Hawaii’s marine wonders.

See firsthand how sunken ships, remnants of hurricane-swept airliners, pyramid structures, and other objects have combined with Mother Nature to attract life to the Atlantis reef."
This is a truly unique adventure that can be done ONLY in Hawaii ( Oahu, Maui, and Kona ) !!

More general tips on visiting Oahu :

  • To avoid sunburns, make sure you buy SPF 50 sunscreen ( that blocks 98 percent of UVB rays )
  • Bring your own snorkeling gear
  • Planning to surf a lot ? Buy a cheap surfboard on local Craigslist, then sell it for 1/2 the price at the end of your trip ( or just donate it... either way you'll still save $$$ )
  • Buy cheap swimming shoes ( most Oahu's beaches bottoms are rocky/covered with reefs that can easily cut your feet )
  • Rent a car/motorcycle if you want to really experience the island ( moped rentals are only allowed to be ridden within Honolulu/Dimond Head area )
  • Buy Groupons to save money ( most popular attractions on Oahu offer Groupon deals ! ) 
  • Ride the Bus ( instead of Uber/Lyft ) to save $$$ ( $5 will get you unlimited rides throughout the day ), and for just $2.75 you can ride from Waikiki to the airport ( comparing to shuttle/taxi/Uber that will cost $35 and up ! )
  • DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR CAR ! ( and I mean ANYTHING ! the junkies will break a window to steal a sweatshirt/pants/even change ! )
  • And finally - it's Hawaii, there ISN'T really ANY way to save $$$ 😩😰 so, just relax, and have a great time !!

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