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Flyboarding For Beginners

Flyboarding For Beginners : How It Works

Flyboarding is the newest and most exciting water sport, and has been growing all over the world in the last couple of years !

Flyboard allows you to go up to heights of 30 feet in the air and dive under the water an shoot straight out again, exactly like a dolphin !

It's been growing in popularity in the last 5 years, but it's still perceived by most people as "an extreme sport".

In this blog post, we want to debunk this myth, and in our video we'll show you how anybody can have fun flyboarding !

Here are a few quick Q & A :

What is flyboarding ?

The Flyboard is a water jet board that connects to a jetski. The jetflyer’s feet are strapped on to the board. The power from the jetski converts in to a 45 ft hose and out the jet outlets on the board.
The Jet pack is similar but instead of being strapped in by your feet the Jet pack is strapped on to your back. You control with jet pack with hand controls. A tandem seat can be used so that an experienced pilot may take a passenger.

Is there a minimum age/weight limit ?

Anybody age 10 ( 12 depending on a location ) and up can do it ! My son was 11 y.o when he got his first flight. In the end, it all comes down to your physical fitness, and the level of deviation ! As for weight limit, a flyboard will carry anybody minimum 90lbs, and up to 300lbs.

I can't swim... can I still try flyboarding ?

Even though you'll be wearing a life vest, you should feel comfortable in the water. There is no swim test before the flight, but it's entirely up to you if you want to give flyboarding a try. 

How long is each flight ?

Unusual, it's about 10-15 min "theory", then it's all about action ! Your instructor will provide more details, and tips on the go. 

What if I dive underwater, and don't come up ?

Flyboard floats so as soon as you go underwater for a longer than usual period of time the experienced instructor will cut the engine, and you’ll float up.

What if I don't get up on flyboard ?

It took my 11 y.o son about 20 min before he started feeling comfortable. If you're an adult in good physical shape, with previous board sports experience, it will take you even faster to master flyboarding ! With no previous experience, it might take you a bit longer, but you're guaranteed to get up in the air !! 

How much does it cost ?

Prices vary depending on a location, but often you can find a deal on diffrent travel/coupon sites ( like Groupon ). for about $120-$150. Some places charge extra for wetsuit rentals. 

Where can I try flyboarding ?

Most "water sports destinations" ( like California, Hawaii, Florida, the Caribbeans... ) offer flyboarding lessons nowadays. Or just Google "flyboarding near me".


Flyboarding is a full body exercise !

The experience of flying above the water is exhilarating, and being able to rip through the water like a dolphin is indescribable !

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure worth adding to your Bucket List !!

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