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Best Fly Fishing Rods For Beginners On Amazon

Best Fly Fishing Rods For Beginners On Amazon

If you're new to fly fishing, picking the best rod might be your biggest obstacle getting started...
After all, there are so many brands, and so many types of fly fishing rods to choose...

That's why, in this post we share the best fly fishing rods for beginners they can find on Amazon.
Why Amazon ? Simply because it's the best place to compare diffrent rods, and read personal, unbiased reviews from users ( and not just "hard-core fishermen" who, often, can be quite biased ) !

The fly fishing rod has undergone tremendous technological developments in the last few years. As a result, modern fly fishing rods have become lighter, sturdier and provide greater casting ability.


You don't have to break the bank to afford a decent rod ! 
More than that...
You don't need a "high end", super expensive rod to get started !

So, which are the best selling fly fishing rods on Amazon for beginners ?
And by best selling, I mean - the best fly fishing rods for the money !

The rods and setups listed below will serve you well as a new angler and offer years of service. 

Most anglers get a 9' 5 weight rod which is versatile enough for trout, panfish, and lightweight bass. If you are after larger fish like salmon, striped bass, steelhead, carp, or largemouth bass many new anglers purchase an 8 weight rod. 
For creeks and small trout, a 7' - 8' 3 weight or 4 weight rod is about right.:

Redington Path Fly Rod Kit review
Amazon Images

  • All water, Medium-Fast action rod
  • Laser-etched wooden reel seats on rods 6 weight and below
  • Alignment dots for easy rod setup
  • Combo includes: path rod, Crosswater reel pre-spooled with Rio saltwater floating line, and cordura rod tube
  • Lifetime Warranty

Read more reviews from real customers who used Redington Path combo here...

  • Sage Foundation Fly Rod
  • Sage Spectrum C Reel
  • RIO Gold fly line
  • Tapered leader
  • Backing
  • Rugged Silver Gray nylon rod and reel case
Everything came completely put together. Tie on a fly and you are ready to hit the river. The case allows you to keep the reel attached for easy travel and minimal setup time. This is a great starter kit for getting into fly fishing !

/Users/pro/Desktop/Sage fly fishing combo review from Amazon.png

Learn more about Sage combo here...

3 -  Echo Base Fly Rod Kit

Echo Base Fly Rod Kit review from Amazon
Amazon Images

  • Echo Base 8' 4 piece four weight Fly Rod
  • Echo Base Fly Reel
  • Hi-Vis Echo Bse Weight Forward Floating Line with 100 yards of 20 lb Dacron Backing
  • Premium quality 9' 2X leader
/Users/pro/Desktop/Echo Base Fly Rod Kit Amazon customers review.png

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FENWICK Eagle Rod/Pflueger Medalist Reel Fly Fishing Kit review from Amazon buyers

Two of the best names in fishing, together at last ! Designed with all anglers in mind, this premium outfit offers a high-quality rod and reel that will last a lifetime on the water. 

Fenwick Eagle Rod The Eagle Rod represents Fenwick's outstanding heritage as a premiere rod builder. It features their most classic, time-tested and proven action. Every single rod is built from over 60 years of tinkering, testing and knowledge gained from extensive field-testing. 

The Eagle Series connects that tradition of excellence with modern components and lightweight, comfortable designs. 

Pflueger Medalist Reel America's most iconic Fly Reel is back and better than ever. Redesigned with fully machined aluminum construction and a multi-position click and pawl system, the Medalist Fly Reel is a modern classic !

Comes pre-spooled with weight-forward floating fly line and tapered leader. 

/Users/pro/Desktop/FENWICK Eagle Rod:Pflueger Medalist Reel Fly Fishing Kit Amazon user review.png

Read more verified purchasers' reviews here...

5 - Everything YOU need to get started with fly fishing !

Finally, Amazon best selling fly fishing combo that will get you on the water in no time !

For only $139 !!

This package is best suited for large trout, pike, stripers, redfish, salmon, bonefish, bass, medium to large streams, ponds, lakes and saltwater.

From the company :
Wild Water has English speaking, USA customer service and product support. We design our own products. We fly fish with our own products. We are always happy to answer any questions about your order. We can answer any technical questions about your product or fix any issue you may encounter from our USA headquarters.
If you're a beginner who with tons of questions, this  is the company that has your answers !

In conclusion :

Yes, you can learn about fly fishing watching YouTube video... but there is no better alternative than to learn from more knowledgeable, and more experienced anglers !

That's why my personal recommendation is to go with a fly fishing guide !

My son, and I went on a guided fly fishing trip, and not only was it a lot of fun, but it was also a great learning experience !

Looking for the best, most knowledgeable, experienced, and most important - affordable (!) fly fishing guides in your state ?

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