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Glass-bottomed hot air balloon offers the views right under your feet.


There is something magical about flying, whether it's a plane, a paraglider, hangglider, parasail...But flying in balloons is different: you're not rushing, you can drift along quite slowly, lean over the edge of the basket, and sometimes fly so low that you can chat to people on the ground.

The Palletways Dragon glass-bottomed hot air balloon is the brainchild of pilot Christian Brown.
Mr Brown travelled the world in a balloon with tycoon Richard Branson and holds the tethered altitude world record after flying at 3,048m (10,000ft) on a mountain in Chile.
Ordinarily, you would look over the edge of the basket to peer at the ground but there is something very disconcerting about seeing it right beneath your feet.
Though, personally I am not sure if there is a big difference between the views under your feet and the ones over the edge of the basket, hot air balloonig trip is till on my "things to do" list.

Anybody interested in joining me for a ride ?

Cave base jumping

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I am not sure how to categorize this post : base jumping or caving ( spelunking ) ?

The Cave of Swallows in San Luis Potosí, Mexico is the largest cave shaft in the world, second deepest pit in Mexico and the 11th deepest in the world ! ( the high point provides a 1220 feet (372 m) freefall drop ).
This cave had been a favorite BASE jumping site from the 70’s until it was officially closed to jumping in 2002. When BASE jumping was still allowed, an enthusiast could expect a jump to last about twelve seconds from his initial leap to reaching the floor of the shaft. But going down was only half the fun. The only way back up was...the reason BASE jumping is not allowed there anymore. Some of the BASE outfitters were using a motorized winch system to lift the jumpers to the surface after their jump which made the authorities ban the sport.

BASE jumping organizers are attempting to work with the local, state, and federal governments to once again be allowed to enjoy the cave. For now it is illegal to jump with a parachute or use a motorized winch near Cave of Swallows.

But rappelling and ascending out is still allowed. Same as with BASE jumping, absailing ( descending ) is fun, but going back up is the real challenge. A caver would have to climb up a single rope, using rope clamps, which is very exhausting. It is at least 40 mins of enormous exertion, even for extremely fit cavers a hard fight. For normal, physically fit people it more or less two hours of ascend.

Also, the floor of the pit is covered with piles of dung from the millions of birds. This dung, the rainwater, and debris from the surface are the food base to numerous animals on the cave floor. There are millipedes and insects, snakes, and scorpions. The air is filled with smells, fungi and bacteria. It is possible to visit the floor without respiration mask, but cavers who want to explore the corners of the cave should bring such equipment. There is always the danger of Histoplasmosis and other diseases.

So, for now enjoy the vidoe !

My type of woman ?

God has made women to be loved and has endowed her with many qualities that men seek.

4 qualities that men usually seek in women:

The Movements - men are attracted by the way a woman walks.
The Hair - while this may seem to be an exaggeration the long, soft and silky hair of women plays a long part in attracting men.
The Eyes & Lips- women can convey many things without speaking a word just by their smile and the look of their eyes.
The Body- women, dressed in clothes that enhance her figure are more likely to attract men than those who do not( and without clothes- even more likely:).

Am I missing something ? Did you say being intelligent, logical, punctual,direct ? Perhaps...

But how about having a sense of adventure, being driven, may be even dangerous, daring ? I know I'd love to meet a woman like that. A woman like Steph Davis- a climber, BASE jumper, wingsuit pilot and ...she has those 4 core qualities ( she's hot !):

Steph Davis: So In Control from Prana Living on Vimeo.

The North Pole adventures : balooning, skydiving.

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For centuries, adventurers and explorers tried to get there by sled, ship, aircraft, dogs and balloons. Even today, reaching the North Pole is a difficult and challenging journey. Only a select few make it each year.

Previously, I wrote about Jonathan Trappe, who flew nearly 50 miles over eastern North Carolina in his chair attached to 55 helium-filled balloons. A similar post on the Adventure blog caught my attention. This time, french doctor and explorer Jean-Louis Etienne set out on an arctic adventure, with the goal of flying solo, in a hot air balloon, over the North Pole.

In 1897 Solomon Andree reached the North Pole by a balloon. In 1997 the first hot air balloon fiesta was held in the North Pole to commemorate the 100-th anniversary of the event. Since then every April the most courageous ballooning teams come to the North Pole to fill their balloons with a hot air and to soar high in the sky over the very top of the planet.

If flying over the North Pole isn't exciting enough for you, try skydiving in the North Pole ! There are practically no restrictions for skydiving in the North Pole. If you are an experienced skydiver you can jump solo. Or you can opt for a tandem jump together with an experienced instructor.

Flying in a hot air balloon still remains my dream come true. But flying over the North Pole, skydiving ?

Here is a chance to add your name to the short list of adventurers who have made the ultimate journey to the top of the world. ( and I'll take it !....as soon as I have 20K+ ).