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YETI Coolers Affiliate Program

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Earn 5% – 5.5% commission on Yeti coolers, and accessories sold through your website, blog or social media channels. With an average price of $50 -$300 per product, you’re looking at pretty  fat commission checks !

YETI affiliate program on Amazon

Just be aware !! 
Yeti is a cult 🙂
If you can’t afford their products, I guarantee you, you won’t be able to make money promoting their extremely expensive coolers. 
YETI coolers are thick, plastic, grizzly bear-resistant, bulletproof chests that cost between $300 and $1200. YETIs keep whatever’s inside cold for days and days without a change of ice.
The company has branched out from coolers and now sells tumblers, thermoses, hats, shirts, stickers, and more.
And they’ve been going like cold beers at a tailgate. In 2015, YETI made close to $470 million in sales, over five times its 2014 numbers. The company filed for an IPO last July, seeking a valuation of $5 billion.
YETI products are popular because they’re exceptionally effective, but also because the brand has become a status symbol in certain circles.
Originally attended by hunters and fishermen, the Cult of YETI is now filled with people who wish they were hunters and fishermen, as well as college kids and folks who just like a good outdoor party. Devotees evangelize about YETI on social media, more recruits arrive, and the pews overflow.
And if you’re NOT a part of one of those circles, then, making money with YETI affiliate program is NOT for you 🙁

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