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Ski and Surf Iceland

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Ski and surf Iceland ?! Why not ?!

I already wrote about great heli-skiing opportunities that Troll’s Peninsula in Iceland offers.

But not many people know Iceland as a great surfing destination.

With its serrated coast and miles of cobblestone-lined beaches,you’d be hard-pressed to find a more uniquely hard-core surfing destination, one that receives swell from all angles most of the year, and one that offers waves for surfers of all abilities.

Iceland - Stand Up Paddle from Blueline - Santa Barbara on Vimeo.

Check out Go There: Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland for more information on surfing in Iceland.

Iceland Heli- Skiing

It's hard to have ADD and to be XHyperActive...Eventually you get bored even with the most fun and exciting activities, hobbies, projects, jobs...

After have been working for almost 4 years as a ski instructor, I feel like I'm loosing interest in skiing; same ski area, same runs, same "snow conditions" ( don't get me wrong, as I like to say : " Stoke is stoke", but how stoke can one get skiing in pouring rain every week ? ).

I think all I need is a change of scenery...

Recently, I've been reading a lot about Iceland, the movie trailer "Heild" made a great impression on me.

Also, I found out that a round trip flight from Seattle to Reykjavik is less than $600 ( spring/early summer ), and in northern Iceland a place called Troll’s Peninsula offers some of the most amazing skiing under the midnight sun:

Epic SUPing: Paddling Iceland

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Iceland...The Land of Fire and Ice, geo-thermal pools, glaciers, active volcanoes, northern lights in winter and 24 hours of daylight in summer,...and now a popular surfing and SUPing destination...

The crew from Blueline Paddle Surf and talented filmmaker Peter Trow show you epic SUPing deep in the Arctic Circle, surfing’s last frontiers :

Iceland - Stand Up Paddle from Blueline - Santa Barbara on Vimeo.
If you find yourself in Iceland some day ( I know I will ), check out Arctic Surfers, the country’s first surf-tour operator. Their "Surf & Snow" trip is the board riders dream; surf, ride and explore new turf with great guides in spectacular surroundings !