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How To Make Money As Instagram Influencer in 2020

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Want to make money on Instagram as a "social media influencer" ? There is a reason it's called "influencer marketing"... Where "marketing" is the MOST IMPORTANT part ! If you don't know 💩 💩 about business and marketing, there is absolutely NO WAY you'll make any $$$ on Instagram as an "influencer"...

Beside learning the fundamentals of business, and marketing, what else do you need to make money on Instagram as a social media influencer ?

Watch the video below to learn more :

Want to become a professional PAID social media influencer ? Want to build YOUR own online business ? We provide all the necessary tools, training, and support to help people who're passionate about fitness & travel start their own business, or, at least, learn how to make some extra $$$ on the side to support their epic lifestyle !

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Why Fitness & Travel Influencers MUST Have Business Instagram and Facebook Pages

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If you’re really serious about making money as a social media influencer, you’ll need to treat your channels ( BOTH Facebook and Instagram ! ) like a business right from the start !

To become a professional PAID fitness/travel influencer, you have to maximize the resources the platforms offer to stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s more important than ever to upgrade your personal IG and FB accounts to business ones. If you haven’t yet, you’re holding yourself back.

Here is why :

If you want to succeed as a social media influencer, and snag some iconic brand partnerships, presenting yourself in a professional manner is the key to your success !

It’s a competitive market out there; and it's even more so on social media. The choice between keeping a personal account or switching to a business profile comes down to the tools that each offers you - and the vast amount of resources available on a business profile is incomparable.