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Exploring the Kitsap Peninsula with Kitsap Tours.

I've traveled all around our great state : north to south and west to east, looking for the best ideas for your next adventure. But had no idea that one of Northwest's hidden jewels was right under my nose. Or to be more exact - "Just a ferry ride away ". I am talking about the Kitsap Peninsula.

Don't get me wrong ! It's a famous Washington travel destination that offers a pleasant mix of both cultural and outdoor experiences. But unfortunately, for many visitors ( including me :)) a trip to the Kitsap Peninsula ends with...a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island ( well, may be a pleasant stroll along the waterfront board walk ).

But few people know ( even Seattleites ) that the Kitsap Peninsula is more than just Bainbridge Island. Kitsap is uniquely special. It's an eclectic collection of wonderful communities, each a chapter in the Kitsap story. And as with any area though, it can be difficult to find your way around without a guide.

A completely new and unique way to explore one of the best kept secrets of the Pacific Northwest is in comfort of a 14 passenger mini bus offered by Kitsap Tours.

Kitsap Tours, with full or half-day options, tours the best of an area bursting with culture, tradition, and unique Northwest beauty. As the first and only touring company to pick up and drop off travelers at the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal on a regular schedule, Kitsap Tours is exceptionally convenient. Consider also the fact that travelers can choose from a variety of tour “endings”—very practical. Also, because of the company’s comprehensive list of tour options, it is geared to satisfy a variety of interests.

Seldom spending more than 20 minutes cruising from one place to the other you will be introduced to some of the area’s most distinguished sites including beautiful Bainnbridge Island, Suquamish (the home of Chief Seattle), Poulsbo (“little Norway”), and Port Gamble (a quaint company-owned timber town).

Kitsap Peninsula Tour is a full day of sightseeing, history and heritage, shopping and dining with an optional electric boat or kayaking tour to Poulsbo's local "landmark " - harbor seals !

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Joel said...

I'm not sure if I should thank you or curse you for this article. Kitsap is indeed a hidden treasure just a short ferry ride from Seattle, maybe we should keep it a secret?

Jean Boyle said...

Thank you for the great coverage of our new business! We enjoyed showing you a little of our area and hope you'll come back soon to explore some more; perhaps a tour to the Bloedel Reserve?

Jean Boyle

ExtraHyperActive said...

May be we should let other poeple discover this "hidden treasure". The region has so much to offer, and I think everybody will benefit from it: visitors and locals...
I had fun ! The ride in an electric boat was the highlight of my trip. You are an awesome skipper !