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2011 Bucket List Accomplishments

2010 was the first year I started my own "Bucket List", and I honestly believe that without it I wouldn't be able to achieve any of my goals. Writing down my goals AND making them public made me feel accountable and motivated.
"Goal setting capitalize on the human brain's amazing powers: Our brains are problem-solving, goal-achieving machines"
One of my goals was to design a blog that would serve as the web's only go-to resource for action sports and adventure travel with emphasis on Washington state.
Just a few months into 2011, the partnership with Unreasonable Adventures made it possible to search and book adventure trips not only in our state but all around the world.

But I never really thought about what kind of people were visiting my blog...That made me think about who I really was, and what made me pursue my goals.

Being diagnosed with ADD/bipolar helped me realize that this blog was my chance to help people deal with these "issues" the way that worked for me - through healthy, adventurous and motivated living.

I also wanted to show that Hyper Activity was common for not just people with ADD/ADHD/Bipolar

Many of us crave stimulation just to feel alive. Many of us want to travel the world, make more money, be happier, healthier...But not many people know where to start, where to look, what/how to do...

“Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.”
Albert Einstein

"Lead By Example" has been my mantra for many years. Therefor, here are 6 things that I can cross off my Bucket List at the end of this year :

- went backcountry skiing/snowshoeing

- skied at 3 more local areas ( White Pass, Stevens, Mission Ridge )

- learned how to ride a motorcycle

- climbed 2 major Washington peaks

- "tried" kiteboarding

- celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans

What about your accomplishments ? Are there any epic adventures you can cross off your Bucket List ? Have you written down your 2012 goals ?

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