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2014 Polar Bear Plunge At Point Defiance In Tacoma

How do you celebrate New Year day ? Do you have any traditions/rituals to mark the beginning of a new year ?

Every January 1st, thousands of people around the world ring in the new year with a polar bear plunge, to shake off their hangover, and cleanse the body to enter the new year rejuvenated and energized .

The dips, thought to have originated in northern Europe, are now a global phenomenon, with countless thousands taking the plunge each year, typically in large groups. The biggest is in the Netherlands, where more than 30,000 people join in the “neiujhaarsduik” (New Year’s Dive). Dating back to 1960 in the town of Zandvoort, it has spread nationwide, with a record 37,000 participants in 2013.

In South Queensferry, Scotland, more than a thousand people gather annually for the Loony Dook. Participants dress up for the occasion and parade through the town acting like “loonies” before the impending “dook.” According to local media reports, and the BBC, most participants are still inebriated from New Year’s Eve celebrations and/or have lost a bet.

Here in the U.S., local Polar Bear Clubs organize annual events from Bar Harbor, Maine to Washington State.

While many organizations and groups use Polar Bear Plunge as a fund raising event, more people jump into icy cold waters to celebrate New Year in a fun and memorable way.

Polar Bear Plunges have grown in popularity in Washington state. This (2014) year, hundreds of people from Seattle to Tacoma participated in this invigorating event.

XHyperActive crew decided to join them by jumping into the new year with gusto !
It's also a good way to flush out any negativity and start fresh. What better way to begin the new year than by feeling completely alive....and in a little pain.

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