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Snowbiking At Hoodoo Ski Resort In Oregon

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Move aside skiing and snowboarding, a new and exciting winter sport is coming to the ski slopes around the country  - snowbiking !

When I heard about snowbiking at Hoodoo Ski area in Oregon, I knew I'd have to give it a try ! It just looked so much fun ! It's like mountain biking in winter. And even though Hoodoo ski area is just a few hours away from Seattle, I just couldn't find time to make it down there. And my first introduction to snowbiking ( or ski-biking as it's sometimes called )  happend at Vail resort in Colorado.

Oregon Windsurfing: Pistol River State Park

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Last year I wrote about my visit to Hood River in Oregon that some of the most hard-core sailors call the windsurfing capital of the world, thanks to the incredible gorge winds that blow along the Columbia River.

Another popular windsurfing spot in our neighboring state is Pistol River State Park which is set in the dunes of the southern Oregon coast.

Ocean windsurfing is so good here it has become the location for several national championships. According to the representatives of the American Windsurfing Tour Pistol River offers “some of the gnarliest sailing you are going to find” and that “it blows hard and it blows hard a lot”.

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Scenic Drives Washington : Historic Columbia River Highway 14

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Sometimes it's the journey, sometimes it's the destination—and sometimes, it's both. From the dramatic California coast to history-lined thoroughfares of New England, there are countless scenic drives across the country—and some stellar standouts.

The federal government has declared more than 100 roadways to be "Scenic Byways" because of their "outstanding archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic value."

Highway #14 is part of the Lewis and Clark Trail that travels along the north side of the stunning Columbia River Gorge and offers a wide variety of sights and scenes.

My main destination was Hood River, an official windsurfing capital of the world, which is located on Oregon side of the Columbia River. But to get there I decided to travel on HWY 14 to Maryhill, and then to jump on HWY 84 to admire the Gorge from both borders.

Winter Adventures In Oregon : Crater Lake National Park

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...I hope to have a few days off in February, and since I'm broke ( after all that traveling ), was thinking about some local adventures ... May be Oregon ?

 Been planning to visit Crater Lake National Park for a while ( and even put it on my Bucket List ! ). Heard it offers amazing XC skiing opportunities in winter ... Also, would love to take my SUP for a long paddle around the lake !

Among other things to do:  I'd like to go skiing/riding at Mt Hood, ski-biking at Hoodoo Ski Area, and chillaxing at one of Oregon's famous hot springs !

Sandboarding The Oregon Coast

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Sand Master Park in Florence, Oregon offers sandboard sales, rentals, and lessons, not to mention the world’s first and only permanent sandboarding park with 40 acres of private sculpted sand dunes.

Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding, but the board is much harder than a snowboard, built out of formica or laminex with special base materials with the bottom of the board often waxed, usually with a paraffin-based sandboard wax, before a run. A boarder can stick bare or bootied feet into slip-on bindings or sport boots and buckle down with snowboard-style bindings.
Not personally tested, I have a hard time comparing sandboarding to snowboarding, but it sure does look like fun !

On the down-side, there are no ski lifts, so participants must walk back to the top of the dune after every run.

This summer, I am planning a trip down to Oregon to give it a try. Also, did you see those buggies ? You can actually rent them out ! So, even if you are not a snowboarder, you can still have a lot a fun there ! If anybody is interested in joining me, leave a comment or send me an email.
Even though Sand Masters rent their own gear, in case you like sandboarding so much that you will want to buy your own board, here is a great board to get you started !!