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Visit Palouse Falls State Park In Winter

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Palouse Falls State Park is beautiful any time of the year but winter adds a unique touch as ice forms into amazing shapes and textures on the rock walls that surround the Falls...

Have you had a chance to visit this park yet ? I've seen amazing pictures of this jaw-dropping waterfall before, but once I was actually there... it wasn't that impressive.

Check out my experience visiting Visit Palouse Falls State Park last summer - "Driving Along The Palouse Scenic Byway To Palouse Falls State Park"

Driving Along The Palouse Scenic Byway To Palouse Falls State Park

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The Palouse Scenic Byway, located in the heart of the Palouse region in southeastern Washington, combines 208 miles of rolling hills and farmland with rich history, small town charm, spectacular scenic vistas and outstanding recreational opportunities.

My first destination was Palouse Falls State Park.

The first time I saw the picture of the Palouse Falls, I was absolutely blown away by its beauty, and I knew that the only way to really appreciate it, was to visit it and see it with my own eyes...
Now I think that some things just look better on a (professionally taken) picture...

The park itself is pretty small, with a few campsites. There are many trails that wind around the canyon, but after my sudden encounter with a rattlesnake, I decided to stay withing the park's boundaries.

One of my biggest (secret) desires was to paddle my SUP to the falls, I thought it would truly be an unforgettable experience ! Though it looked like there was a trail that lead to the falls' pool, there was no way I could bring my SUP down there.

Well, I guess not everybody can experience the falls like Tyler Bradt ( by plunging his kayak into it )

But overall, just driving along The Palouse Scenic Byway was absolutely amazing experience !

Eastern Washington is often ignored for the western side of the state. To many people Eastern Washington is a treeless desert. But, if you look closer you can see so much beauty here !

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