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Epic Skiing Mt Baker

As you might know, one of my Bucket List goals is skiing/riding at every ski area in Washington state. Christmas trip to Mission Ridge in 2011 was my 7th ski area, and this weekend I managed to sneak away for a day of epic skiing at Mt Baker.

I'm not a stranger to Whatcom County. After two Ski To Sea Races, climbing Mt Shuksan , kiteboarding in Bellingham, I fell in love with this beautiful area, and, at some point, was even considering moving here.

But it wasn't just skiing that brought me here this time. This winter has been characterized a little bit by extremes, and the dumping snow has created prime conditions for skiers and boarders.

According to the Mt. Baker snow report, the area has received 110 inches of snowfall in the last six days, and snowfall this month has surpassed the entire month of March in the record year of 1998-1999.

I was on the fence about this trip, especially when they closed the mountain on Thursday 16th, but having heard so much about epic skiing at Baker, I took my chance...

...and it was totally worth it !

Having missed almost every single day we had pow this winter, I took full advantage of this epic spring snowfall at Mt Baker.


Greg said...

Great picture of the road into the mountain!! I am headed there for the first time on Friday, we are coming from WI. Is there some sweet POW stashes? I'm worried that there won't be any fresh stuff when we get to shred on Saturday.

ExtraHyperActive said...

There will be plenty of fresh stuff :) !

Just keep in mind that right now avalanche danger is extremely high at Mt Baker ( a “100-year event,” a massive avalanche hit Mt. Baker on Thursday, March 15th - http://business.transworld.net/92074/news/mt-baker-hit-with-100-year-avalanche/ )

I didn't post a few pics of people backcounty skiing not far away from ski area. But basically you can just skin out right from the lift ( Chair 1 or 6 )

Have fun and stay safe !