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My Bucket List : 2019 Achievements, and Goals for 2020

ExtraHyperActive Bucket List 2019/2020

Adventures I crossed off my Bucket List in 2019 

How long does it take to reach a goal ?
The answer is - as long as it takes... whatever it takes...


In 1991, I was a 13 year old kid growing up in Russia, and one of my biggest dream was to tour around the U.S. on a Harley Davidson... But it wasn't until 2012 when I finally learned how to ride a motorcycle, and it wasn't until 2019 when I got my first Harley !

I'm a living proof that EVERYTHING  you can dream about can come true....IF... you really want it, and you work hard to achieve your goal !!

Here is another example of how long it can take you to reach your goal :
In my 2010 blog post I wrote that one of my biggest Bucket List adventurous goals was to go to Hawaii...

This year, not only did I travel to Hawaii, but I took my son with me, and we had a blast !

If Hawaii is on your Bucket List ( especially if you have kids ! ), I definitely recommend to take them to Sea Life Park to to swim with dolphins ! It's truly once-in-a-lifetime experience ( for kids AND adults ) !

Hawaii is also a great place for both kids ( as young as 12 ! ), and adults to learn scuba diving ( even if you're not a certified scuba diver ! ).

And for me, surfing at the iconic Waikiki Beach was truly a dream come true ( which now I'm adding to my Bucket List ! )

On the down side : I didn't get to go kite boarding and foil surfing in Hawaii 😢

There is a lot to do and to see in Hawaii, so I'd definitely recommend to add it to your Bucket List !

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child share your passion(s) !

Winter 2019 was the first time my son was able to snowboard with me as equal ! He conquered the whooping 2280 vertical ft riding the most advanced and expert terrain at Alpental...

Fly fishing has been on my Bucket List for years ! So far, I've found fly fishing to be the most challenging outdoor activity I've ever tried ! So much to learn !

This year, my son and I went on a guided fly fishing trip in Eastern Washington, and even though it was absolutely a blast ( especially for him ! ... as he caught more fish than I did 😩 😢 ), I still don't know much about fly fishing...

2019 was also the year, I got to try jet surfing ! It was nothing like I imagine ! Despite if how easy it looks in videos, jet surfing has quite a learning curve, and it's also quite a workout !

Summer 2019 was also the first time my 12 y.o. son got to go whitewater rafting on the Wenatchee River...

I think rafting is one of those family adventures that could be enjoyed at diffrent locations. I'd love to take my son rafting to places like Grand Canyon, or Snake River in Idaho's Hells Canyon, or maybe Alaska ! But even in Washington state, there are a few adrenaline filled rafting destination ( White Salmon River, and Skykomish ) that we'd probably go first...

Bucket List Adventure we plan for 2020

- flying in a hot air balloon ( been on my list since... forever ! ) - March 2020
- snowkiting ( weather dependent ) - winter 2020
- sowbiking in Oregon ( I did it in Colorado and Oregon, but this time, we'll be going with my kiddo )- winter 2020 ( maybe )
- rock climbing ( taking my son to see if he's like it ) - summer 2020
- get my son scuba certified - spring/summer 2020
- backpacking with my kid ( we'd done a lot of camping, and hiking, but never been on a 2-3 day backpacking trip ) - summer 2020
- bike-packing ( 1-2 day overnight trip with my son or alone ) - summer 2020
- learn paragliding ( take 2 day lessons at the Oregon Coast ) - spring/summer 2020
- go river surfing in Bend, OR - spring/summer 2020
- go sandboarding in Oregon ( maybe )
- ski touring Mt Rainier, Mt Baker, Mt Hood, Mt St. Helen ( with my kiddo )
- windsurfing at Hood River
- try sailing ( maybe )
- get into hunting

Place To Visit in 2020

- San Francisco/Lake Tahoe
- Alaska
- New York
- some place outside the U.S ?

Business Plans for 2020

- continue growing our network
- help CBD users/advocates learn more about business/marketing
- start my new project "RV Landlord" to help connect homeowners with RV/van dwellers and digital nomads

But my biggest Life Goal/Purpose remains the same - help people live a happy, healthy, and adventurous life without the financial burden !!

Wish you all the best in 2020, and hope you'll achieve all your goals, and all your dreams will come true !

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