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Land Paddling on Interurban Trail

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When you're landlocked, land paddling is a great choice to get your surf/SUP fix. No need to drive for three hours to the coast, depend on NW ( unreliable ) swell forecast, load/unload your board, or even get wet...Just grab your longboard, Kahuna Big Stick and head out to the nearest bike trail.

I happen to live close by Interurban trail, and on a nice sunny day it's a blast to go land paddling...

Land paddling is a great sport to add to your cross-training plan. I already wrote about fitness benefits of land paddling, but for me it's also the most exciting workout I've come across so far.

My choice of board is Gravity 55" ED ECONOMY , the baddest and "longest" cruiser longboard out there. This thing is a tank that handles like a Ferarri and gives you a great smooth surflike sensation. Even long enough for "tandem longboarding"...

So if you've ever daydreamed about learning how to surf or SUP, land-stand-up-paddling is a great, affordable and easy way to get started !

Sporting Sails For Downhill Longboarding

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The idea was simple - use a windsurfing rig ( mast, boom, sail ) to have more fun with my longboard. So, I was looking on Amazon to buy a sail, when I came across this :

Sporting Sail elevates the sporting experience from a rushed downward dash to a weightless, flight-like glide that allows one to explore the use of wind and air to control speed and stability.
Nick and Billy Smith, California-born brothers, got the idea for the sail from their grandfather, who invented "Ski-Klipper", to help downhill skiers catch air and slow down on steep descents.

The brothers reinvented the idea,and found their own niche when they realized that "there are 18.5 million skateboarders worldwide, and not a single efficient braking system on the market".

According to their web site " SPORTING-SAIL allows to carve bigger and longer hills on smaller more playful set-ups, and in the process, draw new lines on the land."

While this might look like a good idea, using slide gloves might still be the most effective way to stop/slow down when longboarding. And I'm not sure why would somebody use Sporting Sail for downhill skiing/snowboarding ( not to mention surfing ).

Drainage ditch+bungee +longboard= fun !

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A cool video shot somewhere in Madrid, Spain features longboarding in a drainage ditch. Looks like a lot of fun, especially the "launching" part...

Frozen Wave from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

Maryhill Festival of Speed 2011

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One of the most insane downhill longboarding races you'll ever see ! In its brief five-year history, Maryhill has become one of the premiere downhill longboarding and street luge events in the world.

Over 200 of the top international gravity sports athletes from around the globe are expected to be taking part on the historic Maryhill Loops Road in Goldendale, WA. The Maryhill Loops Road is known as one of the premier venues for gravity racing in the world because of its challenging hairpin corners, high speeds and flawless surface.

The historic Maryhill Loops Road is the first asphalt-paved road in the Pacific Northwest. The road itself ascends 850 feet in a series of curves with a gradient of ascent at 5%. The road is closed to public motor vehicle traffic but is open to pedestrians,bicycles, and now longboarders and street lugers:

If you are in the area, visit Maryhill Stonehenge just a few miles away.

Hot Chicks On Longboards

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This is the first time I see hot girls sliding and bombing their way down a mountain, and their skills certainly show that downhill longboarding is not for boys anymore.

Awesome video !

Hot girls, great music and footage, impressive skills ! Did I mention they are hot ?

Carving the Mountains from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

If you liked this post, check out our Land Paddling blog !

Downhill longboarding : sliding with slide gloves

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After my little accident earlier this year, I decided to take extra precautions and invest in some protective gear. Aside from " an absolute must have" gear like a helmet, knee/elbow/wrist guards, I decide to buy a pair of slide gloves.

If you're new to longboarding, slide gloves allow the rider to de-weight their board and push their wheels fully sideways, giving the ability to stop really fast at the drop of a hat. They're also essential for drifting corners, and pulling most freestyle slide moves.

Slide gloves are the one single piece of longboarding protective equipment that you really should own if you decide to try downhill longboarding.

Being a bit intimidated and not sure if I'm going to stick to downhill longboarding, I purchased the cheapest pair I could find - Sector 9 Slide Gloves

I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but after watching the video below I am really excited to give it a try. I am sure I won't be able to do the same, but just the thought of a challenge makes me want it even more :

Build a longboard out of wooden water skis

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Since my first introduction to longboarding and buying my first Sector 9 Longboard , I've added a few more boards to my collection, to share the joy of longboarding with my friends.

Everybody who went boarding with me absolutely loved it, and would usually ask me how much a longboard costs. An average price for a brand name longboard is about $150-200. You can always opt for something cheaper like this Krown Wood Sunset Longboard for just $ 55 from Amazon.

Or you can make a cheap, cool, personalized longboard yourself ....

Jeff King, host of Fuel TV’s series “Built to Shred ” shows how to craft a longboard out of a wooden water ski.

See step-by-step instructions here...

Though, it looks like a good/cheap alternative, don't forget that you'll still have to buy your own trucks, bearings, and wheels. And those are not cheap ( RANDAL Trucks, Wheels,Bearings $99).

Plus a used slalom water ski would cost at least $ 20 even on Craigslist.

Longboarding With Big Kahuna Stick

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Longboarding is all about gliding on the pavement- and looking good while doing it. But the "extreme" version of longboarding, downhill riding is exhilarating and difficult. That's why you need to know your limits and stay within it.

Last week, while enjoying one of my "casual rides" down BPA trail, I forgot about my limits and as a result...

So, for some time, I am going to stick to cruising, riding around and just having a good time.

If you've never been on a longboard ( or even skateboard ), you probably don't know that longboarding can also be a great workout ( without even feeling like a workout). Besides the cardiovascular benefit, longboarding provides a great workout for your core and lower body ( after pushing your board for 30-45 min, your calves are on fire ! literally...look at the picture above :)). Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of upper body involvement.

I recently found out about "Land Paddling" , which promises to change that.
Land Paddling with the Kahuna Big Stick will help you get into incredible shape. Depending on the rider and intensity level, up to 800-1,000 calories can be burned in an hour. You can have great confidence on a board with the control and breaking capabilities the Kahuna Big Stick brings. Most importantly, you can have the most fun you have ever had on a board while using the completely unique Kahuna Big Stick.

I haven’t done this, but I could definitely see myself trying, perhaps one day. It looks like it could be a great workout while having some fun too.

Some people join gyms. Some people go on jogs/runs to get exercise. Others ride their bikes. Don't be "some people". Be different! Be fun !

Downhill longboarding

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When I got my Sector 9 longboardI imagined myself casually cruising along Alki beach in the summer or Tacoma's waterfront , may be getting a good work out on one of many bicycle trails that our state has to offer, or even commuting to work (?).

But after I'd watched this video I felt...sad. Though longboards are commonly used for cruising, transportation, and even long distance travel (!), downhill racing is the most extreme form of longboarding ( which I'll probably never get to try) :

Downhilling is also the most expensive form , because the trucks and decks are highly specialized for extreme speeds ( these boards can easily handle speeds of 30 mph +). You will also need to invest in a full-face helmet. When you are bombing hills fast in a speed tuck you don't want to settle for a regular skateboarding helmet that is not going to protect your face when your chin goes smashing into the ground. Slide gloves allow the rider to de-weight their board and push their wheels fully sideways, giving the ability to stop really fast at the drop of a hat. And finally, a full leather suit that might save you a little skin.

Downhill skateboarding is all about being mentally tough since skating those giant hills is not a walk in the park.