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Visiting Roslyn, WA

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Roslyn is a city in Kittitas County, Washington. The life in early Roslyn was centered around the production of coal. Between 1886 and 1929, workers came from countries such as Italy, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia as well as from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to work in the mines. These immigrants maintained the traditions of their homeland, as seen in the historic Roslyn Cemetery with its 26 individual ethnic and lodge cemeteries. Many Roslyn residents today are descendants of these immigrant miners.

In 1892, 45 miners were killed in an explosion at Mine No. 4 near Roslyn, the deadliest mining accident in Washington history.

Like many 19th-century American towns, Roslyn experienced a major fire in 1888 that destroyed most of its commercial district. Many buildings built after the fire used fire-resistant brick and sandstone, and some of these structures are still in use, including the 1889 Brick Tavern and the circa-1890 Fischer Building.

Roslyn has many examples of Victorian elegance in its surviving buildings, as well as simple miner's shacks. The town of Roslyn was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1978. Recently, Roslyn became a Certified Local Government and its Historic Preservation Commission restored the Roslyn Cafe, a local landmark.

 A portrait of Marlon Brando on one side of the Roslyn Theater, which is heated by a wood stove.
The Runner Stumbles, a 1979 film starring Dick Van Dyke and Kathleen Quinlan, was filmed in Roslyn. Also, from 1990 through 1995, the exterior scenes for the hit CBS television series Northern Exposure were filmed in Roslyn and the surrounding area. Many of the homes and offices used in the show remain and are occupied today, including the Brick Tavern, the oldest operating tavern in the State of Washington.

Immaculate Conception Church is a focal point of the 1979 film "The Runner Stumbles" starring Dick Van Dyke and Kathleen Quinlan.

 Inside the famous Brick Tavern

Due to its strong character, nearby recreational opportunities and development properties, Roslyn is increasingly a desirable destination. Located less than an hour and a half drive from Seattle, the town is a stepping off point and year-round destination for activities such as camping, hiking, skiing, boating and snowmobiling, and has become an attractive location for all season vacation rentals and cabins frequented by outdoor enthusiasts.

Suncadia , a luxury resort, is located in the Cascade Mountains between Roslyn, Cle Elum, and the Mountains to Sound Greenway section of Interstate 90.

                                                Inside the beautiful Suncadia Resort

Like Washington history ? You also might like visiting such historic towns as Leavenworth, Port Townsend, Winthrop, driving along Historic Columbia River Highway 14. or taking a ferry to explore the breath-taking Kitsap Peninsula.

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Rafting And Fly Fishing On The Cle Elum River, WA

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Last year, while driving  cross country, and passing through Montana, I (unexpectedly ) fell in love with this beautiful state, and one of its most popular outdoor activity - fly fishing !

There is something very special about fly-fishing. The experience is not only about catching fish. Fly fishing offers the opportunity to enjoy and learn about nature, relax, spend time with friends and family and even solve problems.

Fly fishing is a great stress reliever. It's is a great outdoor activity that combines physical and mental therapy. Learning how to tie flies, cast a fly rod and hook a few fish and then going on a fishing outing , introduces people with ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety to the tranquility and fascination that fly fishing offers.

Of course I added fly fishing to my Bucket List :) And it was only the matter of time before I got to try it !

A few weeks ago, while visiting Cle Elum, WA to test drive 2014 Toyota 4Runner and Tundra, I had a great opportunity to go on a nice relaxing rafting float, followed by a brief fly fishing lesson with Troutwater, the local fly fishing guiding outfitter.

While drifting down the scenic Cle Elum River, we learned a lot about the area's geology, river ecology, wildlife, regional history, and of course, the basics of fly fishing.

The fly fishing part of the trip consisted of learning how fly and spin fishing differ, how to make the basic overhead cast and a roll cast, basic knots you will use every time you go fly fishing, how to make your own flies. You'll also learn about the bare essentials you need to get started in this fun and addictive sport.

 But as we know, knowledge without action is futile. That's why, once you've mastered the basics, the next hour or so you spend trying to catch your fish. According to our guide, the Cle Elum River is not the best place for fly fishing.  For more thrill ( and fish ! ) the Yakima River ( which confluence with the Cle Elum River at the dam ) is a batter choice.

Though there wasn't a ton of fish in the river at that time, I  still managed to hook a little one ! For me, it was truly a fun, educational, safe and successful day on the river !

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Our Amazing World

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... the beautiful pictures of places and spaces I'd love to visit...

Sunrise in Alaska



                                                Ailsa Craig from the isle of Arran, Scotland

        Amazing Photo of The Sawyer Glacier in Alaska where the glacier meets the ocean

                                                Arches and La Sal Mountains Sundown


Cave Of Hearts - Doi Pha Tang, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Creator Lake, OR

Hang Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Winter Adventures In Oregon : Crater Lake National Park

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...I hope to have a few days off in February, and since I'm broke ( after all that traveling ), was thinking about some local adventures ... May be Oregon ?

 Been planning to visit Crater Lake National Park for a while ( and even put it on my Bucket List ! ). Heard it offers amazing XC skiing opportunities in winter ... Also, would love to take my SUP for a long paddle around the lake !

Among other things to do:  I'd like to go skiing/riding at Mt Hood, ski-biking at Hoodoo Ski Area, and chillaxing at one of Oregon's famous hot springs !

SUPing At Sunset Beach, In Tarpon Springs, FL

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Not on your average tourist's radar, Sunset Beach juts into the gulf at the end of Gulf Road in Tarpon Springs. It's nearly a perfect spot to sit in the shade of the palm trees gently swaying in the breeze and watch the sunset.

This is the perfect beach to go to if you want to escape the crowds. True to its name, it is a spectacular place to view sun setting into the Gulf of Mexico.

Apparently, this beach is also popular among paddleboarders, and kite surfers.  In "winter months" ( are there "winter months" in Florida ? :)), the wind is nice and steady, enough area to launch your kite, and super safe for beginner kiters ( it's shallow, so even if you get stuck, you can always just get up and walk back to the beach ).

I took my Stand Up Paddle Board /windsurfer for a short evening session. I had a lot of fun, and the sunset was breathtaking !!!

Tips On Visiting The South Rim Of The Grand Canyon

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Visiting the Grand Canyon has been on my Bucket List for the past 5 years...

The Grand Canyon is one of the 7 "Natural Wonders Of The World" ( don't forget, there are many different types of "Wonders Of The World" ), and though it happens to be in this very country, I still can't believe it took me so much time to finally see it with my own eyes.

....unfortunately, it was absolutely opposite to how I dreamed/planned to visit this world famous Natural Wonder....

 NOTE: There is a big different between "visiting" and "exploring"  the Canyon.

"Visiting" mostly implies "stop by/drive by, take a bunch of pictures, and ,may be, do some light "exploring" ( short hiking, biking around the park, camping...)

 "Exploring" ( for a small number of people ) means hiking rim-to-rim or multi-day backpacking or rafting.

Hiking rim-to-rim and getting "close and personal" was my original plan/dream. But as I happened to visit the park during one of its hottest months ( middle of June with day temperatures in high 80's ), I had absolutely no desire even to try to reach the bottom of the Canyon.

So I lowered my expectations, and settled with the idea to see the Grand Canyon like a tourist ( yeah, I still hate myself  for that :) )

So, here are a few tips:

Canoe Camping On Little Kachess Lake

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How do you introduce your kids to camping ?

I wanted to make sure that my son's first time would be as comfortable, and as much fun as possible. That's why I decided to go with cabin camping at KOA in Leavenworth. My son absolutely loved it ( despite of coming back home with a permanent scar from his "biking accident" ), and couldn't stop talking about going back and doing it again.

This time I wanted to introduce him to "real camping" - a.k.a "sleeping under the stars"...well, minus the stars...good old "tent camping".

Every time I introduce my son to a new outdoor activity, one thing I absolutely must do is to make sure that  he's having fun...

With abundance of things to do in Leavenworth this wasn't a problem. But what do you do on a "regular camping trip" ? Campfire, BBQ, S'mores, may be a short hike ? And that's where the location played a big part...
Set in dense old-growth conifer forest and surrounded by high mountains, Kachess Campground is considered one of the most beautiful sites in the Cle Elum Ranger District. Link
One of the perks of selling used outdoor gear is that you actually get to try it ! Canoes are a very popular product, and this summer I sold dozens of them. I had just one left, and I decided to give canoe camping a try!

The location couldn't be more beautiful ! We were lucky to get a camp site ( on Labor Day weekend !) close to the beach. The campground was also a perfect base camp. We loaded our canoe with gear and food, and went for a day long exploration of the lake.

Kachess Lake is actually a reservoir and stores and provides water for irrigation for south-central Washington.
The surrounding undeveloped wilderness, clean streams and diverse forests support an abundance of wildlife, including deer, porcupine, native fish and migratory birds. Endangered and threatened species, including the Northern Bald Eagle, the Northern Spotted Owl, gray wolves and grizzly bears, also find havens in nearby ecosystems.
During summer, "lake traffic" can be pretty "heavy" - lot's of boaters and jet skis who have very little consideration for "anybody without a motor". But other than that it was a perfect adventure !

It was the first time I got a chance to paddle a canoe, and I have to admit, canoeing is my new love !  I think I'm gonna keep this canoe, and plan a few more outings.

As usual, I planned everything at the last minute. As it turned out the area has a few nice hiking and mountain biking trails, and as I was told later, you can rent a jet ski, boat or even a house boat from a local company.

Also, in winter, this area is popular among cross country/touring skiers, snowshoers, and snowmobilers,
So I guess, it wasn't our last time at Little Kachess Lake...

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Two Ways To Experience Hell's Canyon

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Hells Canyon is a 10-mile (16 km) wide canyon located along the border of eastern Oregon, eastern Washington and western Idaho. It is North America's deepest river gorge at 7,993 feet (2,436 m) and part of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.

The cities of Lewiston, Clarkston are referred to as the gateway to Hells Canyon, and since it was on my way I decided to "visit Hells Canyon".

Once called the “Grand Canyon of the Snake River,” the Hells Canyon corridor is known for its magnificent but extremely rugged landscape. Only unlike its "big brother Grand Canyon", you can't just pull over, snap a few pictures, and call it a day.

There are few points of entry into Hells Canyon from both sides of the border, so traveling in this corridor takes time and effort.

The first and most exciting way to experience Hells Canyon is by floating through it, either by raft or jet boat.

I figured paying $100 for a jet boat ride is too "touristy", so I opted for a cheaper but more picturesque way - driving through it !

The Hells Canyon All-American Road is a nationally designated scenic byway. Although the route can be driven in as little as 5 hours, the Byway is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

Though I really wish I had more time to explore it, my main goal was just to enjoy my ride...

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