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5 Practical Tips That Guarantee To Help You Achieve Your Life Goals, and Fulfill Your Bucket List

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The main reason most people fail to stick to their New Year resolutions, to achieve their life goals, and to fulfill their Bucket Lists is simply because they don't know how !

Goal setting is a structured process that, if followed, guarantees to help you achieve your goals !
Contrary to popular belief, there is the science and strategy of how to accomplish your goals.

What exactly is "Goal Setting"?

Things To Do At Lake Chelan in Winter : Lake Chelan Winterfest

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Every January, the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce hosts their annual Lake Chelan Winterfest Festival. The charming town is transformed in to a winter paradise for the annual weekend-long event.

Polar Bear Plunge During Lake Chelan Winterfest

Winterfest is the perfect escape to a Washington winter wonderland !

My Bucket List : 2019 Achievements, and Goals for 2020

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ExtraHyperActive Bucket List 2019/2020

Adventures I crossed off my Bucket List in 2019 

How long does it take to reach a goal ?
The answer is - as long as it takes... whatever it takes...


Best Snowball Makers & Launchers On Amazon

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Looking for some snow fun with your kids this winter ? How about a good 'ol snowball fight ? But, trust us, your kids will have much for fun if you have these awesome gadgets - snowball makers &  launchers !

Best Snowball Makers & Launchers On Amazon

Snowball makers come in different shapes, and prices, but the idea is the same - these tools help you easily create the perfect snowball in just seconds, so you can stock up for a snowball fight showdown with friends or family. Ideal for people of all ages !

Why Fitness & Travel Influencers MUST Have Business Instagram and Facebook Pages

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If you’re really serious about making money as a social media influencer, you’ll need to treat your channels ( BOTH Facebook and Instagram ! ) like a business right from the start !

To become a professional PAID fitness/travel influencer, you have to maximize the resources the platforms offer to stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s more important than ever to upgrade your personal IG and FB accounts to business ones. If you haven’t yet, you’re holding yourself back.

Here is why :

If you want to succeed as a social media influencer, and snag some iconic brand partnerships, presenting yourself in a professional manner is the key to your success !

It’s a competitive market out there; and it's even more so on social media. The choice between keeping a personal account or switching to a business profile comes down to the tools that each offers you - and the vast amount of resources available on a business profile is incomparable.